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Remove AUTORUN.INF from infected computers

Hello Guys,

Are you bored with autorun virus and also not able to delete via your i m gonna explain how to remove it manually???

First of all find a autorun file that's virus......!!!!!! shocked.....i write like this as autorun file is a launch program of a install program......using this autorun script you can manualy open .EXE file that you want

So find out a VIRUS autorun file......than by right click on it in notepad and find out which .EXE is being open using that file

Now after getting this thing restart your computer and before it get started go in the computer repair and there you will have command prompt....

In command prompt write notepad.exe and you will have notepad CTRL+O and you will find your computer there......delete .EXE file first and than autorun file's up.....

You have to delete this files before booting as all autorun are starting as computer starts and when your computer starts you are unable to delete a file that is already in you have to do it before your computer starts....

Stay safe.....
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