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Aircel Data Card Huawei E1750c Unlock

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Aircel Data Card Huawei E1750c Unlocking Tutorial

Huawei E1750c is one of the most successful models of Huawei Due to its EDGE Speed which s better than any other USB Modems. Hey friends one of the simplest unlocking technique for unlocking this modem ie.Aircel Netsetter E1750c.You just need to follow some very simple and efficient steps in order to unlock this datacard.

Downloads Required :

Things to be kept in mind before unlocking :

1. Your Data Card should be detected in your Laptop/Desktop.
2. All the above things should be Downloaded.
3. Note Down your IMEI number.

Unlocking Process :

2. Calculate the Unlock Code and flash code by entering your 15 Digit IMEI Number.

3. Now plug in your Data Card in your Laptop/Desktop with other than default Aircel Sim.

4. Install the Mobile Partner 23 Dashboard in your Data Card.

4. Let the Data Card Install Its Drivers and wait till its dashboard opens.

6. Here as the dashboard opens it will ask for unlock code, So just enter the Unlock Code Calculated above and Click Ok.

7. Now your Data Card is Unlocked. Enjoy high speed internet on your Huawei E1750c Aircel 3G Datacard.

8. Edit profile as per your favourite operator.

Hope you have unlocked your modem. Still Facing problems comment below with your issues and we will solve them as early as possible.


  1. any other dashboard software...or how to reinstall the original aircel dashboard software n where to find it????

  2. im not able to update firmware... its showing update failed... pls help me to fix this problem.... thanks in advance

  3. Ananad How much time you try to update the firmware if you try to unlock more then 10 times. it will be permanent locked

  4. itrocks thanks for ur reply.... i tried more than 10 times... but frm first time its was showing error only..... can u pls say anyother way to unlock my modem...

  5. Anand i have no another solution beacuse some modems come with locked mode that can not be unlocked send me imei no. so i can help you better

  6. 355013048753812 this s my modem's imei no..... thank u very much for taking ur time to solve my problem....

  7. Not able to download out buddys..!!

  8. after putting another sim it does not ask for unlock code. what should I do now, Is there any alternative way to unlock the modem ?

    1. Hi no. probs. send ur imei number

  9. firmware update failure..............

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  11. firmware update failure

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