Tuesday, 29 May 2012


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Hello Guys,
Today no more hacking...just a simple trick to save your time of copying files.
Don;t you all get bored with this routine of copying file from PENDRIVE TO PC doing.....first copy the files you want then copy them to directories of your computer with navigating there and seperate all things lie movies,songs,videos else else......

I've a customize trick that may help you from this time wasting procedure........You all know about SEND TO option in right click...But i think might never thought of customizing it......

Don't worry I've worked for u....(:D) So with this trick you can put movies from your penrive directly to the movies folder of your computer without navigating there......

Step 1:
First of all make all hidden folder show..Even three option down that that's
     1)Hide empty drives in computer folder
     2)Hide extensions for unknown file types
     3)Hide protected os files
Note: In third option you will be asked for permission just press yes for that.....

Step 2:
Now navigate to this URL  "C:\Users\'your computer name''\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo" 

Step 3:
It's about to up.....just copy a folder's shortcut to SEND TO folder....remeber you have to paste shortcut of your folder......

Means if you want to put movies folder in send to button....right click on movie's folder and select option "CREATE SHORTCUT" and paste that shorcut to the SEND TO folder....

Yup.....!!! you have done....now just attach your pendrive...right click on movie you want to copy and send it to your folder...:)

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