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In my previous post "Which spyware keylogger to choose" i told you about best keyloggers and spywares availible now a days to hack email accounts,but after that i received huge amount of email and readers asked me that is there any way to avoid antivirus detection while installing a keylogger today i will tell you about a software,by which you can bypass antivrus detection while installing a keylogger remotely

How to bypass antivirus detection - UD Crypter

This Crypter is UD (Undetectable) and not FUD (Fully Undetectable) free software, because it is detected by Avira antivirus and even Kaspersky antivirus as virus. Hence, it is 2/22 UD ie only 2 antiviruses out of 22 detected this as virus. Thus, if your victim is using any antivirus other than Avira and Kaspersky, then chill out guys.. here's the solution for your problem.

Download UD Crypter software:

As I have explained previously, Crypter is used to bypass antivirus detection on victim computer. So, we use Crypter software to encrypt our Keylogger and trojan. Due to encryption by Crypter software, whenever victim runs our sent keylogger or trojan on his computer, his antivirus does not detect our keylogger as virus and our keylogger is prevented from being deleted on victim computer.

1.First of all Download Ud crypter

2. extract the Zip file to obtain FUD Crypter free software.

3. Run Krypter.exe application on your computer system.

4. Now, browse to the file (keylogger or any trojan) you wanna crypt to bypass antivirus detection and hit on "Encrypt".

5. A new file will be created in same directory. Now, scan this file with your antivirus and it will not detect any virus (except Avira and Kaspersky).

Note: You may get certain error on your computer like this:

UD crypter

If you are getting this error, install Library file package to fix this error.(Try googling)

I hope now your are able to use this UD Crypter to crypt keylogger or trojan
and bypass antivirus detection

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