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Crack Any Adobe Software Manually – The Genuine Way [Windows]


Whenever we download any cracked software from the internet, or download a crack for the application, it usually consists of viruses, and also it can never be updated. So to overcome these issues we have a genuine way to crack any Adobe product.

This is simply done by stopping the requests from Adobe to check if everything with our Adobe account is valid or not. The trick is simple and can be implemented easily . You just need to edit a simple notepad file.

 Steps To Crack Any Adobe Software :

1. Download or install any Adobe software which you want to crack from the original site (ignore if you have already installed it).
2. Now press Windows Key + R (or go to START and select RUN).

3. Copy “ C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ” to the blank space and press enter.

The window will look like the screenshot shown below

4. You will sea a file named “hosts” , open it in Notepad.

Copy all the codes give from this file, exactly at the end of the “hosts” file.

Now your hosts file will look like below

5. Now open your installed software and try registering it with the given keys in this file. You can also use any other serial from the internet.

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