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Unlock Modem Vodafone K3770 - ZTE

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Vodafone K3770 - ZTE Modem Unlocking Tutorial 

ZTE K3770 is  3G Modem Available in market with 7.2 MBPS supporting Speed.
Although it is ZTE modem it comes unlocked as it comes from the market you just need to setup the access point name of the network you want to use in the modem. Here in this article i will mention how to set up this in few simple steps.

Unlocking Tutorial :

1. Firstly insert any other SIM Except Vodafone in your Modem.

2. Then let it load drivers in your computer and install the Vodafone Broadband Dashboard to Your Desktop/Laptop.

3. It will Show an Error Message About the Sim Just Ignore That. Now Run the Vodafone Broadband Dashboard.

4. Go to Priorities and set a new connection name and then goto Networks Tab.

5. Insert Access Point Name Of the Network or Sim Operator you want to use.

6. Keep other spaces as it is or else empty. Press Ok and Use the Setting Name as current Setting and Plug out the Modem.

7. Now again Run the Dashboard and you will see 3G or 2G network of whatever SIM Operator you are using.

8. Here is the Most important Step don't click on connect just Goto Network and Sharing Center and then connect the network operator there.

 Enjoy High Speed Internet with ZTE K3770. ;)


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