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Send Password Protected Email

Hai friends,Hackers Hero is Back.Today, Email is the most common media for information interchange. It is used by most of the working person. Most of the popular email servers such as GMail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and many other provide this email service for free. Users need to create a free account and then they can use their account for sending and recieveing emails.

But Cyber criminals are always try to hack passwords of users email account to read emails and misuse the account.

Do you know? you can also protect each mail sent by you with a password for better information security. If some one maneged to get into the account, he would not be able to read the email without knowing the password.

To send the password protect email, you have to use a third party service named as LOCKBIN

1)Go the link

2) Fill the form and send the mail. And also inform receiver that you have sent the mail and password as wellRecipient will get the email with a link.

To read the email, he will have to go the link and verifiy the password which you have entered while sending the email.After submitting password, Receiver can view message.

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