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Hello Guys.....

You all are used to hide files from folder and search option so no one can see.......but don't you think it's to much long process......I really get bored with that....

Here I have a cool trick so you can hide your file and show that back just by giving your name in the run....

Just follow the steps:

1) Open notepad

2) Write the following command(without quotes)
               "attrib +h +s *"
NOTE: At the * write down your file, that you want to hide, with path of that file.

3) Now save with x.bat extension. Give any name you want to give

4) Now go to desktop right click > New > Shortcut

5) In the box browse the .bat file that you created

6) Click next and write the name that you want to use as a command in the run to run this file and 
     click Finish

7) Now copy that shortcut to "C:\windows\system32\"

8) Now open run (win + r) and write the name that you have given while creating shorcut. In this
     case I have given wxyz.
      On doing this all our files that you have written in notepad file will be hidden. Now what for
       get that file back??? so go for this same procedure but two chages will be done....

    a) In the step 2) write notepad file with command  "attrib -h -s * "
    b)  In the step 6) give the different name then you have given. Suppose abcd.

Now whenever you will run "wxyz" in run all file will just get hidden and on running "abcd" it'll show that file.

Here file or folder can easily be shown by disabling the DON"T SHOW HIDDEN FILES in folder and search option. But you can give privacy to that folder. Know more

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